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nTicket is a simple helpdesk ticketing system for Joomla! websites. It works on every version of Joomla from 1.x to 3.x. It is also available as an extension for nBill (the billing system for Joomla!), but you don't need nBill to use nTicket. nTicket is released under the GPL v2 license on a paid subscription basis. It includes English and Dutch language files.

Why Choose nTicket?

There are quite a few helpdesk systems for Joomla now, although some don't seem to be kept up-to-date any more. nTicket is one of the lowest cost options - you can use it forever on as many sites as you like for just £20, including the full source code! Despite the low price tag, nTicket still boasts an impressive array of features normally only found in much more expensive systems. It works right out of the box, yet allows for quite sophisticated customisation, with a powerful form editor for allowing you to capture whatever data you need for your helpdesk ticket categories using a simple drag and drop interface. See the feature list for more.